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SHERPA BETA Personal Assistant Category: Productivity
Content Rating: Low Maturity
Instalations: 500,000 - 1,000,000
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 10M
Update: 2014-01-17
Developer: SHERPA
Description: Sherpa is the number one personal assistant for your cell phone and tablet. TELL YOUR CELL PHONE WHAT YOU WANT AND TADAA! IT IS DONE.Ask about anything that you want, music, flights, sending messages, using social networks. ON TOP OF THAT, SHERPA IS ABLE TO PREDICT WHAT YOU NEED. Sherpa learns about what you like, knows in any moment where you are, and. even though it seems incredible, Sherpa anticipates your needs! ? INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT! With the "Intelligent Proactive System Shertab" technology, Sherpa is now more intelligent and learns from your habits to give you information that interests you, before you ask for it!? VERY EASY TO USE! The user interface makes it easier to do or find anything that you want with Sherpa.? SHERPA UNDERSTANDS YOU PERFECTLY AND RESPONDS BETTER! The informational module "Multiknowledge System, " which is exclusively in Sherpa, incorporates a state-of-the-art algorithm with a multitude of information sources that is able to offer the most incredibly accurate results? MARVEL AT EVERYTHING THAT WE KNOW HOW TO DO! With the Sherpa virtual assistant you will have a ton of small Sherpas inside your smartphone specialized in making your life easier with anything that you can think of, including helping you with what you need before you ask for it! Talk with them, ask them questions about anything, ask them to do things!? WHO IS OBAMA? We answer your questions.? PLAY A U2 SONG We play music without downloading it.? I AM HUNGRY! We find restaurants, pharmacies and many other places close to you.? DID THE LAKERS WIN? We tell you what happened in the NBA, MLB, NFL and many more leagues.? WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE IN BOSTON? Ask us about the weather anywhere in the world.? CALL MY DAD We manage your phone and remember your personal relationships.? WRITE DOWN AN APPOINTMENT FOR TOMORROW We manage your calendar, appointments, alarms.? TRANSFER $5 ON PAYPAL We perform PayPal transactions for you.? I WANT TO FLY TO LOS ANGELES We help you find flights.? HOW MUCH ARE GOOGLE'S STOCKS WORTH? We get you information on the stock market.? THE FASTEST! Sherpa Answers questions 10 times faster than other assistants.? WANT MORE?. We read and send messages for you.. We send emails for you.. We search flights for you.. We give you direction to wherever you want.. We publish messages on your Facebook wall.. We read your Tweets.. Want to watch TV? Just ask us.. We open your applications.. We do calculations for you.. We send your WhatsApp messages.. Want to know what is happening in around the world? We get you the news for you.. Do you need a dictionary or translator? We tell you the meaning of words that you ask for and we even translate into other languages. And many more things. try us out! IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT RESPOND TO QUESTIONS ON GOOGLE PLAY, contact us at Sherpa account with language support for: English (USA) You can select the option that you want from the settings ? LanguageHARDWARE REQUIREMENTS SmartphoneBluetoothGPSGPS LocatorWeb LocatorMicrophoneTelephoneTouchscreen WIFIOfficial ROMWe always like to hear from you! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please send us an email at: or follow us on Twitter:

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