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English Grammar Complete Category: Education
Content Rating: Everyone
Instalations: 100,000 - 500,000
Version: 4.4
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 2.1M
Update: 2014-02-09
Developer: Springz
Description: If you like this application, please support us in Facebook... Place your comments, complaints and suggestions therePlease visit https://www.facebook.com/StudyEnglishGrammarGrammar is the sound, structure, and meaning system of language. All languages have grammar, and each language has its own grammar. People who speak the same language are able to communicate because they intuitively know the grammar system of that language-that is, the rules of making meaning. Students who are native speakers of English already know English grammar. They recognize the sounds of English words, the meanings of those words, and the different ways of putting words together to make meaningful sentences. However, while students may be effective speakers of English, they need guidance to become effective writers. They need to learn how to transfer their knowledge of grammatical concepts from oral language to written language. We are all born with the neurological wiring, or capacity, to learn language, and infants spend a good portion of their first two years learning the structure of the language--or languages--they hear spoken around them. This is a complex--and marvelous--process that we all went through, and it is learning that takes place unconsciously; in other words it does not require formal instruction. Do you ever see toddlers memorizing lists of irregular verbs? By the time a child is ready to enter kindergarten, she already "knows" in the unconscious sense just about all of the linguistic structure she will need to make sense in her native language(s). But anyway we have to polish our unconscious sense through learning grammar so that we become a good speaker. Our app has all grammar chapters that will help you to become a perfect English speaker. THIS APP IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZED FOR SMARTPHONES. This App is AWESOME for Studying English Grammar. You can download the AdFree version of this app from herehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.springz.easyenglish_adfreePlease leave your comments because your comments helps us improve our app.A complete English Grammar Study Book for improving your grammar. The app helps you to study, practice and then after each test you can analyse which of them you answered are correct or wrongFeatures of the App1. It's a complete English Grammar study Book.2. Include detailed explanation for all chapters covered.3. The Practice sections will show you the correct answer if you are wrong.4. The Test Grammar section will take a test of yours and give yourself a chance to analyse the test results after the exam. It tells you how many of them you answered were correct and how many of them were wrong.5. if you don't know the answer to a question then don't worry you can just share it with your teacher or friend via mail and get the answer fast. Isn't it amazing.6. Send us which chapters you want to include in the next update.App includesActive Or Passive VoiceAdjectivesArticlesAuxiliary VerbsCommon MistakesConditionalsDeterminersDistributivesGerund And Present ParticiplesIdiomsInfinitivesParts Of SpeechPhrasesQuantifiersQuestion TagsRelative ClausesReported SpeechSynonyms and AntonymsTensesType of sentenceUse of WishCapitalizationDegree Of ComparisonGenderHad betterHomonymsIndependent and Dependent ClausesNumberOrder of AdjectivesPluralsPossessivePunctuation RulesSubjects, Verbs and ObjectsThe imperativeTo GetUse of Had betterUse Of Little, A Little, Few, A Few..... Use of ShallUse of ShouldUsed toVocabularyand many more to come in each update. Practice Questions include 27 sectionsThose sections are Adjectives.Adverbs.Appropriate Order.Articles. Collective Noun. Correct Form of Nouns. Correct Words. General Questions. Gerunds. Homophones.idioms. If And Unless. Interjection.Nouns to Verb. Participles. Phrasal Verbs. Plural Forms. Prefix. Preposition. Pronouns. Reported speech. Tenses (4 different sections) VerbsHave a Great Day

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