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Gluu.me Category: Social
Content Rating: Medium Maturity
Instalations: 100,000 - 500,000
Version: 2.76
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 8.6M
Update: 2014-01-13
Developer: Wire Ltd
Description: Gluu.me is a global social networking application that allows you to locate other Gluu.me users on the map and communicate with them, ALL FOR FREE. There are also NO IN-APP PURCHASES. Find your friends' current locations, or try the "Connect" option to meet new or interesting people. We would like to point out that all of our users are real. There are no fake ones. Gluu.me has been translated into six languages including Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Chinese. Features:1. Location and trackingLook for your friends on our interactive Google map. It is so simple to get in touch with them, track them in real time, or search for new users by location and more. You can also track different groups of people you have formed within the app.2. Facebook, Twitter & Google+ integrationBy simply tapping your character on the map, share your location on your Facebook profile, Twitter or Google+ account. You can also, with just one tap on the HIDE LOCATION or HIDE FROM GROUPS button, make yourself instantly invisible to all users or certain groups of users. Your privacy is always protected and we take great pride in how well it is protected regardless of the situation.3. MessagingUse free individual and group GLOBAL MESSAGING through the Gluu.me chat option. Chat from the map by tapping on someone's character, within your contacts list, groups, or even profile. You can reach people from any part of the application. This is possible thanks to our highly streamlined user interface and our multi-talented development team.4. Media FunctionalityUpload photos or videos and share them among your friends within the many supported social networks. Your upload will be tagged on the map for all to see (or few whatever you desire). Among other things you are also able to just tap the Media button to allow map searching. Watch videos uploaded by others is only one touch away. 5. Poke FunctionPoke your friends or complete strangers if you like. Above all have fun because they have yet to invent an easier way to get conversations going.6. Push notificationsGluu.me will send you a push notification each time you have a new message or get poked, even if you are offline. With Gluu.me it's easy just too easy make new friends and meet new people!7. Profile CustomizationLet other people find out about who you are. The more information you share, the easier it will be to meet new friends. On the other hand, NOTE that the only information you must share with the public is your username. We will keep your mobile number and your e-mail address SAFE, secure and inaccessible. Sharing all other information is 100% UNDER YOUR CONTROL!8. Contact integrationGluu.me allows you to access your mobile contacts right from within the app. Sort your contact list, set up groups, and communicate with anyone you want, without ever leaving the app!9. Points and statusesEarn points and status by making new friends on Gluu.me, or assigning groups. More points means higher status. For example, get yourself the status: "Super Star". Hide behind your status, and have fun!10. Status PostsWe have also added status posts that offer more options than what you have become accustomed to on other platforms. The main difference is that your post is tagged to your last location and this allows other users to interact with the status as well. We would like to thank everyone for providing us with user feedback. All of this work would not have been possible without all of our loyal fans. Feel free to contact us for any reason whatsoever at info@gluu.meWe respond to every single e-mail in a very prompt manner. Any app problems you may encounter will be settled and fixed for your benefit and for the benefit of our users.

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