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Mothers Flowers Category: Personalization
Content Rating: Low Maturity
Instalations: 10,000 - 50,000
Version: 1.2.2
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 6.7M
Update: 2011-08-15
Developer: panowow.com
Description: Set your wallpaper to brilliant bright beautiful flowers. Featuring pinks, reds, yellows, blues, purples and many other bright flower colors. Download the pro version for over 45 colorful flower wallpapers to choose from. Purchase the Pro version now and get over 45 high quality, stunning photographs!A lovely pink azalea houseplant takes well to a sunny summer outside.A fiery hot pink hanging geranium. Bright orange dahlias lend color to any container garden. Violas add accent and color to the garden border. It's hard to beat a tuberous begonia for profuse bloom.African daisies (osteospermum) come in many colors and love the sun. Yellow African daisies and hot pink petunias do well in garden containers. Hot pink begonias make beautiful hanging baskets. Dahlias come in all colors and many shapes and sizes. Dahlia blloms can grow as large as a dinner plate. White African daisies, bright red flowering tobacco plant, yellow straw flowers, and blue lobelia. Pink African daisies and red hanging geraniums in a garden basket. Orange giant begonias and white bacopa make a beautiful hanging basket. Begonia flower in Belgium. Orange gerbia daisies are an early colorful addition to the deck.African daisiesDaisies have a worldwide distribution, being found everywhere except Antarctica. They are especially numerous in tropical and subtropical regions (notably Central America, eastern Brazil, the Andes, the Mediterranean, southern Africa, central Asia, and southwestern China). Plants prefer a warm and sunny position and rich soil, although they tolerate poor soil, salt or drought well. Modern cultivars flower continuously when watered and fertilised well, and dead-heading is not necessary, because they do not set seed easily. Pink snap dragonsAntirrhinum is a genus of plants commonly known as snapdragons from the flowers' fancied resemblance to the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when laterally squeezed. White African daisies, yellow straw flowers, dianthus, and bacopa in a deck flower box.African daisies and geraniumsAfrican daisies ( osteospermum) Orange tuberous begonias in a hanging basketBright cherry corona dianthus, African daisies and pink petuniasNothing beats the grace of a fuchsia bud. The beautiful face of a spring pansyThe setting sun outlines orange nasturtiums in gold. Purple and white pansies bloom throughout the summer in cooler climates. Pansies come in many colors and are the first flower in the spring and can survive light frosts. Pansy breeding has produced a wide range of flower colors including yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, white, and even black (very dark purple) many with large showy face markings.A spider web lends interest to gerbia daisies in the sunset. Straw flowers are beautiful in the summer and all year when dried and brought inside.A single peony catches the light. Fresh rain drops sparkle on a rose. Hot pink begonias with yellow centers sparkle in the rain. Rain drops on a gerbia daisy. Gerbia daisies do fine in a light rain but don't like a lot of heavy wet weather. Rosebuds in the rain make for a stunning photo. Hot pink dianthus do well in the rain. Blue lobelia can handle some rain but not extended heavy downpours. Red hot ivy geraniums bloom throughout the summer and until frost. Ivy geraniums come in many delicate colors and patternsCherry corona dianthus are a showy winner in Southeast Alaska's wet cool summers. Delicaet salmon colored diascia can bloom profusely in baskets. Fire engine red geraniums and white lobelia are perfect for Forth of July baskets. Yellow and purple pansies and cherry corona dianthus are a good cool flower combination that will bloom into fall. Gerbia daisy is native to South Africa. This beautiful hybrid azalea does well in Southeast Alaska. Candy tuft dianthusPetunias, the ultimate summer flower.

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