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Kredi Taksit Hesapla Category: Finance
Content Rating: Everyone
Instalations: 1,000 - 5,000
Version: 3.001
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 0.325M
Update: 2013-11-07
Developer: Mehmet VAROL
Description: Ticari, Bireysel, Zirai ( Tar??msal ) kredi geri ??deme ( taksit ) planlar?? hesaplaya bilece?finiz bir ara?º. Zirai ???fletme Kredisi ; 24 aya kadar vade ve faiz ??demesini 3, 6, 9 ve 12 ?fer ayl??k d??nemler halinde tahsilini ve bu d??nemlerde istenirse ana para ??denmesini e?fit taksitler halinde hesaplamay?? yapmaktad??r. Zirai Yat??r??m Kredisi; y??ll??k taksitler halinde, istenirse anapara ??demesiz d??nem se?ºene?fi ile hesaplama yap??labilmektedir. Sabit Faizli Trakt??r Kredisi; 5 y??la kadar vade ve 1, 3, 6, 9 ve 12 ?fer ayl??k taksitler halinde geri ??deme hesaplama yapmaktad??r. BCH ve KMH Sayfas??nda; ticari ve bireysel kredi faizlerini hesaplayabilirsiniz. Refinansman Sayfas??nda; eski ve yeni vade ve faiz oranlar??n?? girerek ve de KKDF ve BSMV durumlar??n?? de?fi?ftirerek t??m taksitli kredilerin refinansman hesaplamas??n?? yapabilirsiniz. Taksitli Kredi Sayfas??; Serbest?ºe Ticari Bireysel ( Ta?f??t, Konut, T??ketici ve bunlara ba?fl?? alt ??r??nleri) taksitli kredi hesaplaya bilece?finiz ve hesaplama tablosunu e-mail atabilece?finiz bir uygulama. KKDF ve BSMV durumlar??n?? de?fi?ftirip SeekBar'lar ile de di?fer parametreleri ayarlay??p kolayl??kla istedi?finiz tutarda taksit hesaplayabilirsiniz. Ayarlar sayfas??ndan SeekBar alt ve ??st s??n??rlar??n?? de?fi?ftirip yeni hesaplamalar??n??z?? ki?fiselle?ftirebilirsiniz. Commercial, Residential, Agricultural (agricultural) loan repayment (payment) plans, calculates the amount of a car will know.Agricultural Business Loan, 3, 6, 9, and 12 to 24 months maturity date and interest payment on a quarterly basis evil collection and payment of the principal amount in equal installments during these periods the calculation is desired.Agricultural Investment Loan, in annual installments, if desired, with the option of calculating the principal grace period can be made. Tractor Loan Fixed Rate, 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 up to 5 years maturity and repayment calculation is evil in monthly installments. On BCH and KMH, commercial and retail loan rates to calculate. On refinancing, interest rates and maturities of the old and new states entering and changing the Resource Utilization Support Fund and the Banking Insurance can calculate all installment loans refinancing. Installment Credit page; freely Commercial Retail (Automotive, Housing, Consumer, and their sub-products) calculates the amount of installment loan calculation sheet will know and you can e-mail application. Banking Insurance Resource Utilization Support Fund and other parameters set by SeekBar'lar change the status of payment for any amount you can calculate easily. Seekbar Settings page, change the upper and lower limits can personalize the new calculations.

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