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Rasi and Nakshatra Finder Category: Lifestyle
Content Rating: Low Maturity
Instalations: 10,000 - 50,000
Version: Varies with device
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: -1
Update: 2014-02-25
Developer: droidapp.venkat
Description: This Andriod application will enable one to identify one???s Rasi(Zodiac Sign) and Star (Nakshatra)based on the position of the moon for any given date, time and place.Note: Some of the users have problem in finding their exact place of birth in the ""autocomplete place finder' in the app. Not to worry. Unlike finding Ascendant(Lagnam), finding your Rasi and Star needs only TIME ZONE of your birth place and not your co-ordinates (Latitude or Longitute). Considering this, you are requested to select the nearest City or State or Country. (If it is the same TIME ZONE of your place of birth).- Misunderstanding of the above has lead to poor ratings. Having a knowledge about the Rasi/Nakshatra is very important since this plays a major role in defining the horoscope for an individual and his/her consequential events in life. Basically, you would use this android app as a Rasi/Nakshatra Finder/Calculator. Determining your Rasi/Nakshtra is a simple calculation of the Moon???s position in the sky when you were born. Moon travels very fast and crossing a single Nakshatra will take about 2 ?? days. There are 12 Rasi???s or Zodiac signs as per Indian astrology. The 27 stars and 12 Rasi???s are the basic division in identifying a particular individual???s position of planets at the time of his/her birth. Why should you know your Rasi & Nakshtra?: The Nakshatras are apparently fixed bodies in the Zodiac, where the planetary system moves with them, which is actually placed in the background. Among the Rasi and the Nakshatras, the former is overloaded by the Sun, whereas the latter is overloaded by Moon. This implies that the Rasi shows the environment we would be placed with, at different times in our life and what we get out of it on the other hand, is that the Nakshatras governs the different state of minds we shall be having at various times. Even the actual events are important in our life, taking a person-centric view point and our reactions to them also matter equally. Hence the study of the Nakshatras and Rasi are well warranted. This app calculates your Rasi and Nakshatra based on B. V. Raman's Ayanamsa. If you get a different result from this calculator, please be informed that this is because of the different ???Ayanamsa??? (There are many like Lahiri (Chitra Paksha), Krishnamurti, K. P etc) and if you happen to have a mismatch in the result, this will be because of a different ???Ayanamsa??? used to determine your Rasi/Nakshatra. Tags: Rashi, Astrology, Zodiac, Almanac, Hora, Vedic, Marriage, hindu, culture, religion.Note : To check marriage compatibility based on vedic system, use 'Vedic Marriage Match' android app.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=droidapp.venkat. VedicMarriageMatch

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