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Talk!Japanese Words(translate) Category: Education
Content Rating: Everyone
Instalations: 10,000 - 50,000
Version: 1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 19M
Update: 2013-08-12
Developer: kizmo
Description: Do you like Japanese cultures such as Anime or J-POP? Don???t you want to know meanings of dialogues of Anime or lyrics of songs? You will be able to understand basic sentences and words if you learn vocabularies using ??£Talk! Talk! Japanese Word Book - basic??¥. And you will gain ability to listen and understand Anime if you repeatedly listen to pronunciations of Japanese native tutors. Moreover, if you utilize the Comparison Function, you can practice pronunciations similar to those of native speakers through comparing yours with Japanese tutors??? even if you don???t attend Japanese language classes. The basis of all languages is vocabulary. If you properly study meanings and pronunciations of words, your Japanese language ability will gradually improve.[Features][1] Words needed for basic learning are contained. You will be able to understand basic Japanese sentences if you study using this App.[2] Because all words are accompanied by example sentences, you can raise your level of understanding through them.[3] You can fix your pronunciations comparing those of native Japanese tutors with yours.[4] The learning process that runs Every day learning - Revision ??? Quiz will enhance learning efficiency and increase your confidence.[5] You can check words you studied once more by using the Flash Card Function.[6] You can conduct a self-test on words you have learned so far and confirm your scores by using the Quiz.[7] You can add words that you like or are difficult to memorize to the Favorites list, and study conveniently at any time you want.[8] It contains only integral functions with beautiful and user friendly UI so that anyone can easily use.[9] You can search and find words by using real-time searching in the words list. Use this instead of Japanese dictionary.[Efficient ways to use this App][1] Select the word category and study meanings and pronunciations of words.[2] Learn ways to use of words through example sentences.[3] Repeat pronunciations of native tutors and learn precise pronunciations with ears.[4] Record your own voice by using the Pronunciation Comparison Function, and practice pronunciations comparing yours with tutors???.[5] Add words that are difficult to remember or that you want to study later again to the Favorites list.[6] Check if you remember words of previous categories well by using the Flash Card.[7] Conduct a self-test on words you have learned by using the Quiz Function.[8] Repeat words that you failed to remember through the incorrect answers list that appears after the Quiz. If you study Japanese language using ""Talk! Talk! Japanese Word Book - basic"", it is very useful for your travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto Japan. Try study Japanese vocabulary at your free time such as in the train or lunch time. If you don't know how to translate Japanese word to English or to translate English word to Japanese without dictionary, then just search the word with the words list. You can find the word and the examples to know how the words used. If you are interested in Korean Language, check our another app ""Talk! Talk! Korean word book"" also. You can study Korean vocabulary with efficient way using our app.keywords: learn Japanese, Japanese words, Anime, drama, tv, AKB48, Japanese vocabulary, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, music, dictionary, study, translator, free, vocabulary, travel, language, translate, translator, translation, online dictionary, translate English to Japanese, translate Japanese to English, Japanese dictionary, j-pop, jpop, dragon ball, naruto, one piece

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