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Timed Toggles (Auto Airplane)

Timed Toggles (Auto Airplane) Category: Tools
Content Rating: Everyone
Instalations: 1,000 - 5,000
Version: 1.3.2
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Size: 0.112M
Update: 2014-01-31
Developer: Ergodicity
Description: Information: Now tested with rooted Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013) and working all okay for airplane switching. Timed Toggles should also work fine on other rooted devices. Timed Toggles will also work on non-rooted devices however Airplane toggling will not work on Android 4.2 or higher unless rooted.** Please note **Device must be rooted when using Android 4.2 or newer for airplane mode switching to work due to a Google restriction. Languages: English, Portuguese (thank you to C Nunes) and Russian (thank you to A Samsonov), please get in touch if you wish to translate for your languageSave battery power and save being disturbed by automatically toggling various settings. For example enabling airplane mode overnight saves battery and means you can???t be disturbed by notifications, phone calls or text messages. Toggles available are:Airplane mode on or off (requires a rooted device if running Android 4.2 or newer)Auto synchronise on or off (stops emails and push notifications without turning the radio of completely) Bluetooth on or offScreen brightness set to auto, manual or a specific brightness. Sound on or offSound volume level can be set to a user selectable loudness, for example have a lower volume set while at work, and have it turn up automatically when home. Wi-Fi on or offVibrate on or offAuto postponeNew for version 1.3 is an auto postpone option (enable in the settings menu). With auto postpone if the device is in use at the time of a toggle, and that toggle would potentially cause a problem because it turns something off, this toggle will be postponed. Once the device is no longer in use the toggle will run a few minutes later. Backup to Google New for version 1.3, Toggles and settings are now automatically backed up to the phone or tablet Google account if backup and restore is enabled in the devices setting. This means on resetting the device and/or re-installing Timed Toggles, all previous settings are restored. To use, launch the application, click the + icon and add your first toggle. Add as many toggles as is needed for different times and days of the week. Permission friendly. Timed Toggles does not want to know your devices identity and has no permissions to allow it to talk to some unknown server. Also ad free and nag free. Permissions used are: Run at startup: When an Android device is restarted, it forgets any reminders that applications have asked for. This permission allows Timed Toggles to reset its own reminders on restart. Prevent phone from sleeping: This is often known as a wake lock. This lock is only held for a second or less, just long enough to allow the transition from airplane mode on or off. Without this lock the phone can go back into deep sleep too quickly before the setting change has taken effect. Modify system settings: Allows changing the settings for airplane mode on or off. Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi Allows a timed toggle to be set to turn on or off Wi-FiVibrate Allows the application to vibrate the device if selected in settingsBluetooth Required to allow the app to turn on or off Bluetooth(airplane scheduler, airplane scheduler, auto airplane, auto airplane, flight mode scheduler)

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