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Vet Calculator Plus Category: Medical
Content Rating: Medium Maturity
Instalations: 1,000 - 5,000
Version: 2.16
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 2.4M
Update: 2013-11-03
Developer: VetApps
Description: Vet Calculator Plus is a fully referenced tool designed for veterinarians (vets), veterinary students, nurses and technicians providing a quick and easy way to do many calculations performed in veterinary practice. There are currently over 30 separate calculators. VetCalc+ is primarily aimed at those in small animal practice. Calculate+ Fluid rates (basic rates, volume deficit corrections, potassium infusions, serum osmolality & free water deficit)+ Drug dosages (includes formulations for common sedation, anaesthetic & analgesic drugs)+ Constant rate infusions (CRIs) (Includes loading doses and 32 Drugs - See website)+ Emergency drug calculator (16 Drugs - See website)+ Hematology (blood volume for transfusions and phlebotomy, total blood volume, maximum blood sample volume & erythrocyte indices (MCV, MHC, MCHC))+ Body surface area+ Nutrition (Daily energy requirements, amount to feed, dry matter % & animal???s ideal weight)+ Blood gases (Acid-base, anion gap, A-a gradient & bicarbonate deficit)+ Dilutions (conc. based on added volume or volume to add for desired conc.)+ Times & dates (Age from date & due date (parturition estimation)) + Heart beat counter+ Echocardiography (calculate & compare to expected values for dogs and cats)+ Anesthetic flow rates+ Pain Score (Glasgow CMPS-SF) for dogs+ Coma score for dogsConvert+ SI <> Conventional units+ Temperatures (including normal ranges)+ Weights+ Volumes+ PressuresFeatures+ Ability to save results+ Send/share calculated results with many other apps+ Use kg or lb (in all calculators)+ Drip sets (10, 15, 20 & 60 drops per ml)+ Use SI or conventional (US) units+ Change scales/formula used for many calculators+ Current animal configuration (ability to auto-fill calculators for the species and weight)+ Specify your own values for different species and drugs (i.e. blood volumes, drug concentrations etc.)App supports App2SD

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