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Amikom Social Category: Education
Content Rating: Low Maturity
Instalations: 1,000 - 5,000
Version: Stable
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 0.475M
Update: 2013-07-10
Developer: STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta
Description: AmikomSocial is an application for android smartphone which has been developed by a community in STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta, it is called ADEM (Android Developer Mania), formed about the end of 2011 through a group on Facebook was created by Mr. Jaeni Sahuri and most of its members are Amikom students.About 2 months ago after the 3rd meeting, proposed by Arif Laksito to create a simple android application. During this meeting AmikomSocial application was created and developed. DEVELOPER TEAMArif Laksito (Project Leader, Webservice and Code) Farizal Tri Anugrah, Rakhmad Ikhsanudin, Rizky Tanjung (Code) Doni Prabowo, Purwaji Santoso (Design and Layout) CHANGE LOGversion Stable 4.5- Add share info to shout- Add colour to share info *facebook *twitter- Fix error on posting shoutversion Stable 4.3- Add Twitter share- Post shout on timelineversion Stable 4.2- Fix sync for update alias- Fix sync for update user picture- Fix scroll Jelly Bean- Fix view user without picture- Add colour @user and #hashtagversion Stable 4.1- Fix Scrollview Post Shout- Fix auto download image shoutversion Stable 4.0- Remove News, Info, Materi features- New Design Interface- Share Shout to Facebook- Fix Force Close on ICS- Fix sync data shout- Light, Simple and Stable version Beta 3.5- Display Shout with Image icon- Upload Image user- Edit Username- Reshout and Reply Shout- View User Shoutversion Beta 3.2- Add ShoutList- Post Shout Message to Broadcast All Usersversion Beta 3.2- Add ShoutList- Post Shout Message to Broadcast All Usersversion Beta 2.6- Update Activity Location user- Download Elearning from device- List User Activeversion Stable 2.1- Add Elearning- Fix notification (add number updated)- Add Log Data User (server)- Fix Service Refreshversion Stable 1.6- Add academic calendar (Re-Login to add)- Support examination calendar (MID term & Final)version Stable 1.5.2- Fix refresh on new calendar- Fix calendar duration (until 2nd week of Apr - MID term)- Fix Force Close for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich- Fix Failed Loginversion Stable 1.5- Display Detail Info & Berita on Application- Fix Web Service for Berita- Service Login for Student & Lecturer- Remove Academic Calendar- Fix Login Form- Add Schedule for Student & Lecturer- Add Alarm Reminders for calendar (30 minutes before) Beta version 1.4- Add Login Form for Amikom Student- Update Listview Interface for Info, Berita and Calendar- Fix auto refresh logic- Fix auto refresh news update- Fix notification, go to app onclick- Fix notification, clear onclick- Save detail Info & Berita to DBBeta version 1.3- Remove Confirm Exit Application- Remove auto start setting- Add pull down refresh on Info, Berita and CalendarLatest Version 1.2- Add Notification on updated Info, Berita and Calendar- Fix setting sync calendar depends on select calendar- Fix setting sync calendar depends on calendar data on device- Fix auto refresh Info and Berita (stop service if uncheck setting)- Fix default application save to external storage- Fix auto refresh on change number of rows data- Fix refresh loading preview on Info, Berita and CalendarFinal Released Version 1.0- Fix Setting Description text, synchronize calendar- Auto Refresh Info and Berita(Background Service)- Set Interval Time Auto RefreshBeta Released Version 0.8- Display Info Kampus- Display News/Berita- View Info and Berita on Browser- Share Info and Berita via other Application- Display Kalender Akademik- Set Auto Refresh Download Data - next version- Set Auto Refresh Time - next version- Set Auto Refresh on Application Start- Synchronize Calendar Application and Device Calendar- Set Device Calendar to Synchronize

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