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Samsung TV/BD WiFi IR remote Category: Tools
Content Rating: Everyone
Instalations: 10,000 - 50,000
Version: Sheep-DogV3
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 5.4M
Update: 2014-04-18
Developer: Pocketwood
Description: Unofficial WI-Fi & IR remote control for Samsung Televisions (2010-2013) & Blu-ray Players.
IMPORTANT!!!! DOES NOT YET WORK WITH 2014 H SERIES.... we are working on an update to support H series. Your Samsung Smart TV must be connect to your router AND YOUR ROUTER MUST HAVE uPnP ENABLED... if the app doesn't find your Samsung Smart TV the please CONTACT US by email or read the instructions on our website. If you have a Samsung device with an IR blaster, this will be detected by MyAV and older IR equipment can be controlled too. Compatible Samsung phones include the Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, Galaxy S5 & Galaxy Note III. Compatible Samsung tablets include the Note 10.1 Tab 3 8 and a few othersFor the UK, Germany and and the Netherlands channel shortcuts are available. These can be renumbered by dragging them to the pop-up keypad that appears when you long-click on a shortcut. Has discrete HDMI input buttons (F Series onward) Samsung Smart Televisions 2014: H-series -(NOT YET SUPPORTED) UA55HU9000, UA65HU9000, UA78HU9000, UE55HU9000, UE65HU9000, UE78HU9000, UN55HU9000, UN65HU9000, UN78HU90002013: F-series - UE32F5500 (tested), UE65F9000, PS64F8500, PS51F8500, PS60F5500, PS51F5500, PS51F4900, PS43F4900, PS51F4500, PS43F4500, PS64E8000, PS51E80000, UN75F8000, UN65F8000, UN60F8000, UN55F8000, UN46F80000, PN64F85000, PN60F8500, PN51F85000, UN60F7500, UN55F7500, UN46F7500, PN64F5500, PN60F5500, PN51F5500, UN55F74500, UN70F7100, UN65F71000, UN60F71000, UN55F7100, UN46F71000, UN65F7050, UN60F7050, UN55F7050, UN55F6800, UN50F6800, UN46F6800, UN75F6400, UN65F6400, UN60F6400, UN55F6400, UN50F6400, UN46F6400, UN40F6400, UN32F6400, UN75F6300, UN65F6300, UN60F6300, UN55F6300, UN50F6300, UN46F6300, UN40F6300, UN32F6300, UN50F5500, UN46F5500, UN40F5500, UN32F55000, UN50F5500, UN46F5500, UN40F5500, UN32F5500, UN50F5500, UN46F5500, UN40F5500, UN32F5500, UN65F6350, UN60F6350, UN55F6350, UN50F6350, UN46F6350, UN40F6350, UE46F6600, UE46F6200, UN60FH6200, UA50F6800, UA46F8000, UE22F5400, UA32F4500, UE40F6200, UA55F6400, UE55F9000, UE40F6600, UA55F80002012: E-series - PN64E8000, PN60E8000, PN51E8000, PN64E7000, PN60E7000, PN51E7000, PN60E6500, PN51E6500, PN64E550, PN60E550, PN51E5500, UE40EH5300, UE32EH5300, UE46EH5300, UE64E800, UE51E800, UE64E6500, UE51E6500, UE64E550, UE51E550, UE75ES900, UE65ES800, UE64ES800, UE55ES800, UE51ES800, UE46ES800, UE40ES800, UE55ES700, UE46ES700, UE40ES700, UE46ES6900, UE40ES6900, UE55ES6800, UE46ES6800, UE40ES6800, UE32ES6800, UE50ES6710, UE46ES6710, UE40ES6710, UE37ES6710, UE32ES6710, UE32ES6540, UE22ES5410UE27ES5400, UE32ES5400, UE22ES5400, UE46ES8005, UE55ES6340, UE46ES6340, UE40ES6340, UE32ES6340, UE46ES8090, UE40ES6100, UE40ES6560, UE40ES6530, UE55ES8090, UE55ES7507, UE46ES6710, UE46ES65602011: D-series - xxxxD8090, xxxxD8080, xxxxD8000, xxxxD7090, xxxxD7050, xxxxD7000, xxxxD6960, xxxxD6900, xxxxD6920, xxxxD6530, xxxxD6520, xxxxD6500, xxxxD6450, xxxxD6420, xxxxD6400, xxxxD6050, xxxxD6000, xxxxD5720, xxxxD5700, xxxxD5580, xxxxD5550, xxxxD5500, xxxxD5520, xxxxD5000, PN51D550, UE40D6100, UE40D6200, PS43E490, UN46D6900, UN55D6300, UE40D6750, LN40D5502010: C-series - xx65C8000, xx60C8000, xx55C8000, xx50C8000, xx46C8000, xx40C8000, xx60C7700, xx55C7700, xx50C7700, xx46C7700, xx40C7700, xx55C7000, xx50C7000, xx46C7000, xx40C7000, xx55C6800, xx40C6800, xx55C6700, xx46C6700, xx40C6700, xx32C6700, xx55C6600, xx46C6600, xx40C6600, xx32C6600, xx65C6500, xx55C6500, xx50C6500, xx46C6500, xx40C6500, xx32C6500, xx55C6000, xx40C6000, xx32C6000, xx55C750, xx46C750, xx40C750, xx55C670, xx50C670, xx46C670, xx40C670, xx60C650, xx55C650, xx40C650Samsung Smart Blu-Ray players2013: BD-F6500 (tested), BD-F7500, BDF59002012: BD-E5700, BD-E5900, BD-ES6000, BD-ES6500, BDE55002011: BD-D6700, BD-D6500, BDD5700, BDD5300This is a free 28 day trial version of the main MyAV app that can also control main other IP controllable devices.

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