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Nautilus Technical Ref PRO Category: Education
Content Rating: Everyone
Instalations: 1,000 - 5,000
Version: 3.1.9
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 13M
Update: 2014-03-13
Developer: The Doobry Lab
Description: Nautilus is one of the fastest growing technical reference applications in the Android Market. It has been developed to cover a broad range of technical subjects, with regular high-quality content updates. Current content:*Arithmetic: -Number systems -Rules of signs -Laws and operations -Fractions -Powers -Roots*Geometry (2D & 3D) -Analytical Geometry -Anatomy of a circle -Circular -Conical -Coordinate system: Cartesian -Coordinate system: Polar -Cuboid -Cylindrical -Geometric Construction of Algebraic Expressions -Polygons -Pyramid -Quadrilaterals -Spherical*Trigonometry -Laws -Ratios -Identities -Graphs of functions -Signs of functions -Unit Circle*Constants and Units -Prefix multipliers -SI units & derivative -Constants -Greek symbols*Optics -Mirrors -Lenses -Optical distance laws -Light spectrum -Refractive Index -Laws of reflection & refraction*Physics -Forces (static, impulse, centrifugal, centripetal, etc) -Power & Work Done -Gravity -Momentum -Velocity & Speed -Acceleration -Mass Inertia -Weight -Speed -Specific Gravity -Newton's Laws -Kepler's Laws -Frequency bands (wavelengths and frequency ranges) -Pendulum (simple) -Rotational forces -Mechanical Transmission (ratios, torque, efficiency) *Electronics -Resistors -Capacitors -Inductors -Logic gates -Heat sinks -Operational Amplifiers -Switches -Laws (Ohm's and Kirchoff's) -LEDs -Rectifiers -Transistors (will be expanded) -Diodes*Calculus -Derivatives -Integrals*Chemistry -The Atom (characteristics, nucleons, isotopes, ions, nuclides) -pH Values -States of Matter -Chemical bonds -Properties of materials -The Periodic Table*Hydrodynamics -Bernoulli's equation (ideal and real fluid) -Buoyancy -Continuity (conservation of mass and volume) -Liquid outflow -Pressure and density -Surface tension (Young's equation, hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, contact angle)*Mechanics -Basic Levers -Springs -Mechanical TransmissionMore to follow... Because Nautilus technical content is still growing, please let us know if there's information or features that you'd like to see included in future revisions. For support or comment, please contact:thedoobrylab@gmail.com

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