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Description: American Recipes are very famous in all parts of world. Almost all of them in all parts of world wish to be United states of America and love to taste some delicious American food. American cookbook style was early originated from European style of cooking. American food recipes are prepared such a way that all will love the the addictive taste which makes us feel like having more and more. American foods like yummy burger have fans all over world. Food network of America have combined taste which all love to have. Our recipe App will really help you in cooking American recipes. Grilling meats made on barbecue maker (BBQ)are very common in American cookbook. Food recipes of America is very tasty and healthy. There are some very special native American recipes according to the regions they live. The common American recipes that are available and common are yummy burgers like hamburger and hot dog. Hamburgers and Hot dogs are actually German dishes. Pizza's are also very famous among all American recipes. But actually pizza is an Italian dish which was brought to America. The latest trendy new American cookbook include recipes like meatballs, doughnuts, cupcakes and macaroons. Lobster is an integral part of great American recipes. There are also many other shellfishes. There are special recipes called African American recipes were African and American recipes are combined together. American kitchen contain barbecue maker (BBQ), many oils and fats animals. Best American recipes uses rendered pork fat which will be very tasty for the preparation of bacon's. American recipes have rum and beers as their common alcoholic drinks. In American Kitchen recipes like yummy burgers salted, or smoked pork supplement vegetable diet. French fries is a very common dish from American kitchen recipes. French fries is a vital part among all parts of world. French fries are very tasty and can be included in the category of easy American easy recipes. Like French fries another Famous American food is American pie. There are different varieties of American pie recipes. With our American recipes app all will get have feeling that i can cook easily. All will have a doubt that how to cook complicated American recipes. Even though Pizza's are Italian dishes but there are many special pizza recipes and yummy burgers in American cookbook. American cake recipes have a great variety. American people really love cake recipes. American cake recipes are very tasty, there are chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes etc. There American Indian recipes which gives combine taste of American recipes and Indian recipes. Soup recipes and salad recipes comes in the group of healthy recipes. Online cookbook will really help all the starters in cooking. Mexican dishes contain very tasty beef recipes and pork recipes. Among beef recipes steaks are very famous. Dinner recipes and casserole recipes really go together. Enjoy cooking with American recipes... Happy cooking !!!

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